Pet Photography.....

At Pet Chalet we recognize how important your four legged friends are to you. Pet's fill very quickly their place in our hearts and families. We enjoy having their picture's framed in our homes or at our work place.

With that in mind, Pet Chalet has welcomed the photography service to the Pet Chalet Family. Pet photography requires a lot of patience and taking picture's of your best friend(s) is not always easy. That is why the staff at Pet Chalet is good at what they do. Pet Chalet knows that pet photography is not about your average pet portrait.. We make these photo sessions fun and we really capture your dog's character using just the right love. pet Chalet's years of experience with dog's allow us to draw out even the shyest of pet's and we are willing to work with fearful or difficult pet(s).

At Pet Chalet we offer a variety of photo sessions which include only what each client really desires, nothing more and nothing less. Pet Chalet has a different theme for "Doggie or Kitty picture(s) every month. We love to make it fun and enjoyable for every one. If you would like to experience this opportunity than you can give us a call or come in and we will handle the rest for you. This is a memory you are creating and it will stay in your hearts forvere, just like your four legged best friend(s).