Rates & Services


Petite Suites:         $28.00 a Night
Royal Suites:         $39.00 a Night
Penthouse Suites: $50.00 a Night
Cat Suites :            $22.00 a Night 

(30% discount for 2nd Family Member's sharing the same suite - call for pricing on additional family members of 2 or more)


Complimentary Bath for anyone who boards 7 nights or more
(Excluding nail trim)

Extended Boarding discounts

When staying 10 - 15 nights, customer gets 1 night FREE
When staying 16 - 22 nights, customer gets 2 nights FREE
When staying 23 nights, customer gets 3 nights FREE
If staying more than 23 nights, ask to speak with the Manager


Included in their stay:
* Lots of love and attention from the staff
* Once every hour to go and play with your choice;play with other pets, family only or just with the staff
* Water and food dishes
* Nap time between 12pm - 2pm
* Music and movies through out the day

Stuff to bring for them:
* Own food 
* Vaccination records
* Bedding and or blankets
* Treats of their choice
* Their favorite toy


Dogs: A full day is (5 hrs. or more): $20.00 each pet
Dogs: A half day is (5 hrs. or less): $15.00 each pet
Cats: $ 15.00 a Day

* Multi Pet Discount applies of 20% off *
* Lots of love and attention from the staff
* Play time with your choice: Play time with other pets, family only or just with the staff
* In the Summer time (for dogs) splash time with pools
* No nap time unless they get tired


* All animals must be current on their vaccinations and must show proof
* All drop off's must be between our business hours
* Pick up's must be before 12pm, and additional charge of daycare will be applied if after 12pm 
 ( You may choose to get a bath or groom the day of pick up and if so, we will waive the daycare fee) 
* Discount's and offers cannot be combined