Pet Chalet's Staff......
                         Krystal & Jazzie

Krystal  is the manager for Pet Chalet. She started with them in 2008 and is the current and original manager. You may see her alot with her dog Jazzie in the front office.. Krystal is very passionate about her title and position at Pet Chalet.. She has a big heart for all the animals that come through the door.  Especially the shy and aggresive one's. Each animal is treated like one of her own. She knows what it takes to give love, be patient and understanding with all types. She come's from years of experience both in hands on and in education.Jazzie, comes with her mommy Krystal everyday. She likes to help those four legged one's who may be shy or old. She also loves to give and get lots of attention from all who come in contact with her. Krystal is a very strong advicate when it comes to rescued animals.


G came to Pet Chalet when she was still in High school. . She started out with an R.O.P program which allowed her to do some volunteer time with us. After graduating her R.O.P program, she was hired on to join the staff at Pet Chalet. She has been with us since 2009. She is a great member to the Pet Chalet Family. You may see her with her dog "Marly" he is a golden retriever. She has done an excellent job in training him. She has a new baby and you may see him from time to time. His name is "Emmit" and he is a young great dane. She is working very hard at his training. Just like she works hard for Pet Chalet.. G is very determined to get things done and her love is a unigue love for animals

Coreen has been with us for a little over a year now. She come's with us a fully educated background in the vet tech. field. Coreen is very close from graduating to become an RVT. Along with her education come's hands on experience with working in an animal hospital setting. Even though she love's all animal's her favorite is kitty cat's. Her passion and concern for animals come's very natural.. She has a dog and a cat of her own. Not to mention a turtle. Coreen might be on the more quite side, but she  works very hard at what she does and has a natural reaction to be a caregiver. This is why we love having her as part of the Pet Chalet family. 


Has been with us since 2008. He is one of our part time employee's and is special to the Pet Chalet Family. You may not see him all the time here but when he is, his present's are known. He love's to play with the animal's and give a helping hand where it is needed. Ryan owns a great dane and two rat terrier's. He also has a cat. 

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